Visitor Visa

London is one of the main tourist destination in the United Kingdom

Visitor Visa

Last updated: 18 March 2023

UK Visitor Visa

This route is for foreign nationals who want to visit the UK temporarily for tourism, to visit friends or family, to carry out a business activity, or to undertake a short course of study.

Categories - UK Visitor Visa

There are four main categories of a UK Visit Visa, some of which have subcategories with periods of leave:

The list of four main types of UK visitor visas: standard, marriage, PPE, and transit.

Requirements - UK Visitor Visa

Genuine requirements for a UK Visitors Visa:

Additional Requirements

UK Child Visa:

UK Medical Treatment Visa :

UK ADS Agreement Visa:

UK Academic Visa:

UK Marriage Visa:

Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Visa:

Intention to do one or more of the permitted paid engagements, arranged before travel and declared as part of the application evidenced by a formal invitation and related to their area of expertise and occupation overseas.

Permitted activities - UK Visitors

Unpermitted activities - UK Visitors

Documents - UK Visitor Visa

You will need to provide certain information as part of the application process:

Additional Documents:

Application procedure - UK Visitors

It is required to complete the following steps for a UK Visitor Visa application:

In most cases, you can receive a decision on your Visitor Visa application within three weeks.

Risk factors for refusal

Visitor Visa may be rejected for many reasons, including the following:

Fees - UK Visitor Visa

Extension - UK Visitor Visa

You can extend your Visa for longer than six months due to:

Visa Extension in UK - Fees

You should apply before your Visa or permission expires while in the UK.