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We are regulated Ltd company providing immigration advice and services, authorised by OISC - F202200060

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Online Immigrant Services is a leading provider of online immigration services in the United Kingdom. We are an authorised and regulated immigration advisers company by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Our team of experienced immigration advisers helps individuals and families navigate the complex and constantly changing immigration rules in the UK.

We realise that the immigration process can be overwhelming and confusing, so we have designed our online platform to make it easy and convenient. Our platform offers various services, including online assessments, application preparation, submission, tracking, and post-approval services.

Our team of immigration advisers is fully qualified and experienced in British immigration law. We deeply understand the UK's immigration rules and regulations and can provide personalised and professional guidance to guarantee that your application is complete and accurate.

The immigration process can be stressful and time-consuming, so we strive to make it easy and efficient.

We are committed to providing high-quality immigration services while adhering to the OISC's codes of conduct, ensuring our clients receive high-quality immigration advice and services.

Don't let the immigration process hold you back. Contact Online Immigrant Services today and let our team of experienced immigration advisers help you make your dream of immigrating to the United Kingdom a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find here the explanation how we work

  • Step 1

    We define if we can help you and ask several questions about you and your circumstances, such as your age, nationality, and immigration status in the United Kingdom or outside. If we suppose we can help you at this stage, we ask you to register as a user

  • Step 2

    You register as a user

  • Step 3

    Input your data and answer advanced questions about your circumstances

  • Step 4

    The platform analyses your data and provides three options

  • Step 5

    • Option 1: We are ready to provide you with detailed immigration advice by Route 1. You should pay £120 and give us from 1 minute to 2 hours to send you a letter with immigration advice

    • Option 2: We need additional information about you and the time for us to analyse. Often we request an online meeting (10-20 long) with you. Do not worry. At this stage, you pay nothing, and we do not apply for additional charges. Based on the results of the conversation, we will propose Option 1 or Option 3

    • Option 3: As we are not ready to give you advice via Route 1 because of the complexity of your immigration case, we will recommend you use Route 2 or find another immigration adviser using our or the OISC searching tool

There are a number of reasons:

  • New Business

  • Efficiently organised production structure

  • Marketing and Sale Strategy

  • Immigration

    • Basic applications for entry clearance, leave to enter or remain in the UK

    • Applications for Administrative Review, apart from applications refused on the basis of credibility or a fundamental issue of the genuineness of documents or relationships

    • Straightforward applications to vary the conditions attached to leave already granted, including conditions attached to bail granted by the Secretary of State

  • Asylum & Protection

    • Notifying UKVI of a change of address

    • Straightforward applications to vary the conditions attached to leave already granted