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British Citizenship is a permission which authorises you to work and live in the UK permanently without immigration limitations.

Main types of British nationality or "citizenship statuses":
Advantages of a British Citizenship:
Routes to British Citizenship:

British by Birth

Birth in the UK does not automatically lead to British Citizenship.

Acquisition of citizenship is connected to the immigration status of the child's parents.

Since 1 January 1983, being born in the UK is not enough to be automatically born British. One parent must have settled immigration status, such as Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), or have British Citizenship at the time of birth.

British Birth Certificate
To summarise, a person can become a British citizen by:

British by Registration

A person may be eligible to be registered as a British citizen (if they are not eligible to get British Citizenship automatically), either by entitlement or discretionarily:

By entitlement:

Children born in the UK:
Children born outside the UK:

Discretionary basis:

* Children born in the UK whose parent has become a British citizen or settled

** UK-born minors with residence in the UK from birth to 10 years old

*** Children born in the UK to members of British Armed Forces

Following the British Nationality Act 1981, any child born in the UK can be a British citizen if one parent was a serving member of HM Forces at the time of the birth. So a child can get British Citizenship despite neither parent having settled status nor being British.

**** Children born outside the UK, one parent has British Citizenship by descent at the time of the child's birth.

    If a child spent three years in the UK before registration, they eligible to have British Citizenship otherwise than by descent.

British by Naturalisation

Naturalisation is the most common procedure for obtaining UK citizenship if a person, aged 18 and over, doesn't have a British parent and was born outside the UK.

Naturalisation as a British Citizen
Documentary evidence:

* 'Good character' requirements

The British Nationality Act 1981 includes a good character requirement, which applies to registration and naturalisation applications for persons over ten years old at the date of application. Generally, the following key areas will be assessed and considered:

** Referees for UK citizenship application. Who is qualified?

Two referees need to meet the following requirements:

Requirements for two references to naturalise as a British

British by adoption

Adoption - a child automatically becomes a British citizen if a UK citizen adopts him.


British by descent

British citizens are classed as:

British citizenship by descent applies automatically where:


* British citizens otherwise than by descent

British citizenship otherwise than by descent is more privileged than British citizenship by descent. It allows someone to pass British citizenship onto their child born overseas automatically.

A person can be a British citizen otherwise than by descent in the following circumstances:

If settled, when can I apply for British Citizenship?

After holding settled status in the UK for at least 12 months, you can apply for British Citizenship.

This requirement applies also to those who have had EU-settled status.

The application procedure

Usually, three to six months takes time for British Citizenship applications.

Perform the following steps:

  • Complete the relevant online Home Office naturalisation or registration form provided by the UKVI or similar paper-based naturalisation(AN1) or registration(MN1) form;
  • Submit this Form for British Citizenship along with your supporting documentation;
  • Collect your biometric details (photograph and fingerprint scans) at the nearest UKVCAS centre.
  • If your application is approved:
    • Receive an invitation for the Ceremony;
    • Attend a Citizenship ceremony;
    • Obtain your Certificate of Naturalisation or Registration.

Fees and additional costs

Dual Citizenship in the UK

Important: Check with your country's regulations if you can hold your status in the UK because each country has its own rules associated with dual nationality.

Dual Citizenship is permitted in the UK, so renouncing previous nationalities is not required. UK law also allows multiple citizenships.

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