Life in the UK Test

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Life in the UK Test

Last updated: 18 March 2023


Take the Life in the UK Test if applying for British citizenship or settlement - Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). People know it as a British citizenship exam or a British citizenship test. The Life in the UK test, a British values test, examines the knowledge of British customs and traditions. It explores the country's multiculturalism.

It is a multiple-choice test with 24 questions answered in 45 minutes.

Book tests online using the official UK Government website.

Who should take the test?

Anyone applying for UK citizenship or settlement - Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK must take the Life in the UK test. Applicants for UK citizenship must pass the Life in the UK tes if they have not taken it as part of previous ILR applications.


Some people do not need to take a UK citizenship test as part of their application. You are not required to take a similar test in the UK if you meet any of the following requirements:

If unsure whether you qualify for an exemption, get qualified advice to avoid problems or delays with your UK citizenship application.

Mock exams for Life in the UK

We recommend using different tools or apps, free and paid, to train for the Life in the UK exam.

Find here the Official Learning Course - it contains hundreds of test questions covering common themes and areas found in the Life in Britain test.

The practice test usually has the same structure - 24 questions, and you can train answers like the actual test.

Retake the test until you understand the questions correctly and are confident that you consistently pass the test. Follow the links to get started.

How to book?

You can only book places through the official Home Office government website. You must book tests at least three days in advance.

You can find accredited test centres in the UK. If you apply to a testing centre that does not meet this requirement, you cannot take the exam.

When you book your test, you need accepted Identification. This can be a valid passport, travel document with a photo, biometric residence permit or biometric residence card. You cannot use emergency travel documents as identification.

You can communicate special requests when booking the test if your disability requires additional support or equipment.

How to prepare for test?

Use the official UKVI handbook. This guide contains sample questions and answers to help you practice testing. The exam will cover the following topics:

We highly recommend getting the official Life in the UK test book and completing practice tests to prepare.

The current official guide covers all the essential knowledge you need to pass the exam. Besides the official guides, the Home Office also offers e-learning subscriptions to help you prepare for the exam.

Contents of the Citizenship United Kingdom Exam

What happens during the exam?

Be sure to arrive on time on the day of the exam. Otherwise, you cannot take the exam.

Bring one of the accepted forms of identification (passport or residence permit) with a valid proof of address. It must include your name and zip code and must be less than three months old from your exam date.

You cannot take the exam without presenting these documents. Do not bring relatives or children with you.

The test is computer-based and takes 45 minutes to complete. The test comprises 24 questions covering various topics, including British history, customs and traditions, and the British legal and political system. A computer randomly selected all questions.

What happens if pass Life in the UK test?

After completing the test, you must remain in the building until the results are available.

If you pass the test, you will receive a unique reference number (URN) from the testing centre. You will need your URN when applying for UK citizenship or residency. The Home Office uses URNs to check if you meet the Life in the UK test requirements.

Please note that if you leave before the results announcement, you cannot take the test.

Once you pass the test, you can apply for citizenship or permanent residency if you meet other requirements.

What happens if the test fails?

You cannot proceed with the payment application if there is a negative test result. You can repeat the test after seven days as frequently as desired.

Follow the same procedure to book a new trial and pay the £50 fee again. You cannot proceed with your settlement or citizenship application until you pass the test. Therefore, if you wish to proceed with your application, you must submit it.

How much does it cost?

It costs £50 to pass the test. If you fail, are late or do not attend the exam, the fee is not refundable.

If you cancel the exam three days before the date, you are eligible for a refund.

Log into your test account to cancel your test. Click Accepted Tests and select the Cancel Test option. After that, we will refund the charge you paid. There is no need to contact the UK Visas and Immigration Service to get these.

If the test centre cancels the exam, you must request a refund three months from the exam date.

Test Certificate expiration

The Life in the UK test certificate does not expire. Once you pass the exam, it's valid permanently.

It means that you can use the certificate for multiple immigration applications. For example, if you can use it as a part of your permanent residency application and later become a citizen. So, no need to retake the test.