Global Talent Visa

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Global Talent Visa

Last updated: 18 March 2023

Global Talent Visa: stages

The UK's Global Talent Visa is an immigration route for promising and talented applicants in specific industries wishing to live and work in the UK, which has replaced Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa since February 2020.

There are two main stages of the Global Visas application process.

Endorsing stage:

In most cases, applicants must get official backing from approved endorsing bodies:

Each endorsing body has a unique acceptance criterion regarding individual applications.

Actual stage:

After a successful endorsement, applicants have three months to make visa applications if they are:

  • Outside the UK and seeking to move there;
  • Extending current visa;
  • Switching from a different type of visa.

Benefits of a Global Talent Visa

  • No restrictions on place of work;
  • No limitations on the number of hours or salary;
  • Endorsement allows an individual to work for an employer or be self-employed in their particular field without the need to reapply for a visa;
  • No need to have a job to apply for this visa;
  • Opportunity to change jobs without informing the Home Office of such changes.
Settlement rights:
  • A primary visa holder can apply after three years instead of usually five years;
  • If applying for an extension or settlement, there is no requirement for further endorsement if the original endorsement has not been withdrawn;
  • Dependants are permitted to join the applicant if they qualify;
  • No sponsor licence for the potential employer for employment of a person with a Global Talent visa;

Global Talent visa requirements

Entry requirements
  • Aged 18 or over;
  • A person must obtain entry clearance before arrival in the UK;
  • An application does not fall under the general grounds for refusal;
  • A valid TB certificate (if applicable).
Eligibility requirements
The eligibility requirements for this type of visa vary depending on areas of expertise and the applicant's cases
Arts and culture
  • An eligible applicant must demonstrate professionalism in producing an outstanding work of art:
    • Proof of regular professional engagement in their field over the last five years;
    • An actual track record in more than one country.
  • Three recommendation letters from eligible and qualified organisations;
  • Proof of work in at least two countries with media recognition;
  • Exceptional promise with evidence from at least one country.
  • Three letters of recommendation from eligible organisations;
  • Evidence of winning an award or a body of work within at least two countries with media recognition.
Fashion design industry
  • Demonstrate professional engagement and leading role in the fashion industry for the last five years;
  • Three letters of recommendation;
  • Examples of media recognition, collaboration or sponsorship from an eligible fashion organisation.
Film and television
  • A 'main award' or nomination for one of these awards in the last ten years;
  • Proof of three letters of recommendation from relevant bodies.
Digital technology
  • Expertise in building relevant technical infrastructure;
  • Commercial investment or product development expertise;
  • A CV and three recommendation letters from relevant bodies.
Science, engineering, humanities, and medicine
  • An active researcher role or leading industry individual in the relevant areas in an eligible organisation.
Points requirement

All applicants must score a total of 70 points for any of the below cases to be granted permission or extension in the Global Talent route

Application without endorsement:
  • Holding the prestigious prizes listed in Appendix Global Talent: Prestigious Prizes.
Application relying on an endorsement:
  • An endorsement letter by an endorsing body;
  • the date of application is no more than three months after the date on the endorsement letter;
  • the endorsing body has not withdrawn the endorsement.
Application for an extension:
  • Has met the earned money requirement;
  • If they were granted their initial application using an endorsement, they have not had their endorsement withdrawn by the endorsing body.
English Language Requirement
  • Applicants do not need to satisfy an English language requirement. Nevertheless, Global Talent migrants must present proper knowledge of the English language to permit the UK settlement.

Maintenance Funds Requirement
  • This type of application does not need to meet a maintenance funds requirement.

Documents: Global Talent Visa

Documents applicants need to supply:
Arts and Culture
  • A comprehensive CV outlining your career achievements;
  • Three recommendation letters confirming your achievements and benefits for the UK under this type of visa;
  • At least ten pieces of proof to support the application and accomplishments.
Digital technology
  • Three letters of recommendation confirming your industry leader position and outlining your contribution in this field;
  • Proof of your key role in a digital technology business;
  • At least ten pieces of evidence to confirm your eligibility and level of qualification.
Researchers and academic leaders
  • A letter from the head of human resources outlining the nature of your work and your details and other suitable information;
  • Details of your work and achievements.
Research Grant
  • Proof of issuing a grant from the funder with the receipt of at least £30,000 and that your grant will last at least two years.
  • Proof from an industry leader with internationally recognised experts about the nature of your work and your potential contributions to the UK.

Other documents
  • You will need to supply other documents as part of the application:
  • Passport;
  • Tuberculosis test results;
  • Non-English documents with certified translations.


Applicants can stay in the UK with their dependant partner and children if they can supply evidence of their relationship:

  • Civil partnership or marriage recognised in the UK;
  • Relationship for at least two years when you apply.
  • A child who lives with applicants (under 18, not married, in a civil partnership or having any children).
Dependants: documents

The checklist typically contains the following:

  • A valid passport;
  • TB test;
  • Official record of any criminal convictions (if applicable);
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate;
  • Proof of the relationship to the primary applicant (for those who are not married or in a civil partnership);
  • Birth Certificate (for children under the age of 18).


Application Fee

for the applicant and each dependant, including partner or children


Healthcare Surcharge

per year


Application: waiting Time

A typical waiting time from the date of application for the Global Talent Visa:
Three weeks
Priority Service with additional cost for faster decision is available
5 working days

Indefinite leave to remain

Requirements for ILR
Each application for ILR as a Global Talent must satisfy all the appropriate conditions:
  • Valid application;
  • Be in the UK at the time of ILR application;
  • The endorsement or prize of applicants must not have been suspended or withdrawn;
  • Approval on the Global Talent route;
  • Qualifying period condition of three years or five years;
  • Continuous residence requirement;
  • Earned money in the UK:
    • In an expert field previously endorsed in the Global Talent route during your time in the UK.
  • English language requirement (at least level B1);
  • Knowledge of Life in the UK requirement;
  • Suitability requirement under Part 9:
    • the applicant must not fall for grounds for refusal;
  • Not in breach of immigration laws:
    • No breach of immigration laws or on immigration bail.

The earliest applicant can apply is 28 days before meeting the requirements for the time you must have lived in the UK.

Fees and time for ILR
  • Standard service:
    • £2,404 for each person's application;
    • within six months of getting a decision.
  • Priority service:
    • £800;
    • within five working days to get a decision.