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how to change the type of visa to UK for Ukrainians

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The process of getting a visa for Ukraine nationals to the United Kingdom can depend on the length of time and purpose of the stay. In general, Ukrainian nationals need to obtain a visa from the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) that is assigned according to the intended purpose of the stay. In order to apply for a UK visa, Ukrainian nationals will need to provide the relevant application forms as well as accompanying documents. The exact type of visa needed will depend on the individual circumstances and length of stay. For more detailed information and application forms visit the official website of the UK visas and immigration Also, on Onlineimmigrant you can find information about the types of UK visas for Ukrainians with more specific guidance. Below is a brief overview of the main types of visas:
  1. Spouse Visa

    This type of visa is suitable for people from Ukraine that are married to a British citizen or settled person in the UK. To apply for this visa, the Ukrainian national needs to demonstrate that their relationship is genuine and subsisting, that there is adequate accommodation for everyone, and that the applicant has enough funds to support themselves without relying on public funds.
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