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Harness the power of our AI-driven platform to revolutionize your immigration services, streamline document management, and enhance client communication, all while ensuring top-notch security and confidentiality. Elevate your Immigration Advice practice with Online Immigrant Services

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Introducing our AI-Powered Online Platform for Immigration Professionals

At Online Immigrant Service, we have developed an advanced AI-powered online platform designed to streamline and automate the immigration application process.

This comprehensive platform enables us to provide high-quality immigration solutions to clients (immigrants) at an affordable cost, starting at just £100 per case.

We understand the importance of collaboration and partnership, which is why we are excited to extend our services to immigration professionals, such as advisers and solicitors.

By joining our platform, you can offer your clients access to our state-of-the-art tools at no additional cost to them, while paying a nominal fee to Online Immigrant Services for each case.

To facilitate this partnership, we will provide you with access to an admin panel and the opportunity to customize the platform to match your corporate branding and subdomain.

You can then grant your clients access to upload their documents, renew them, view immigration solutions, and explore other available options, all at no extra cost to them.

Our platform allows you to reduce your overheads and offer competitive pricing to your clients while ensuring the highest level of service. You can simply incorporate the platform usage fee into your overall service pricing.

This process will involve the following steps:

1. Platform Integration
Upon signing up with Online Immigrant Services, immigration professionals gain access to the admin panel. They can then tailor the platform to their corporate branding and set up a personalized subdomain for their clients
2. Client Onboarding
Professionals securely invite clients to join the platform via a secure link or login credentials. Clients create profiles visible to both the professional and the Online Immigrant Services team
3. Document Management
Clients upload and store documents securely on the platform. Our AI-driven system automatically organizes and categorizes them for easy review and management by professionals. At Online Immigrant Services, we prioritize security, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure safe storage and transmission of clients' personal documents and data. This eliminates the need for less secure methods of document exchange
4. AI-Powered Assistance
The platform analyzes clients' documents and provides tailored immigration advice based on individual circumstances. Professionals can review, modify, and approve these recommendations before sharing with clients
5. Collaborative Workspace
Professionals and clients communicate directly through the platform, exchanging messages, sharing updates, and addressing questions or concerns. The platform incorporates end-to-end encryption, ensuring all communication remains confidential and protected. This centralized workspace streamlines communication and maintains the utmost security and privacy
6. Application Preparation and Submission
The platform generates and completes immigration forms based on clients' information and professionals' guidance. Professionals review the forms, make necessary edits, and submit applications on their clients' behalf
7. Tracking and Updates
The platform tracks submitted applications and provides real-time status updates. Clients and professionals can monitor progress, staying informed and prepared for potential next steps
8. Ongoing Support
As clients' immigration needs evolve, the platform offers relevant advice and resources. Professionals maintain long-term relationships with clients, providing support and guidance when needed, all within a secure and reliable environment