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What documents am I required to get a skilled worker visa?

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To apply for a Skilled Worker visa, you should meet the eligibility requirements, which include not only financial but also educational, employment and language proficiency criteria. At the same time, you will also need to provide a range of documents to support your application. These include:

  1. Passport showing your identity and your entitlement to stay in the UK;
  2. Evidence of your financial capacity to support yourself and your family in the UK;
  3. Proof of the job offer;
  4. Cover letter prepared by your sponsor;
  5. English language proficiency certificate (if required);
  6. Proof of any qualifications, professional memberships, special skills or job-specific training you have;
  7. Medical certificate;
  8. Police certificate and/or other documents confirming your character and identity.

For more information, please, check the official gov.uk website.

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