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UK Family Visa - what is it?

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A UK Family Visa is a type of visa available to family members of British citizens or persons settled in the UK. It allows family members to enter the UK and stay for an extended period of time. To apply for a UK Family Visa, family members must meet the requirements set out by the Home Office.

The first step for those applying for a UK Family Visa is to obtain a family permit, which will allow them to enter the UK.

The requirements include providing evidence of a family relationship either through a marriage certificate or proof of a close family relationship such as a birth certificate or adoption papers. Additionally, the family member must show a valid passport or other travel documents and proof of their address in the UK.

The main applicant must meet the financial requirements set out by the Home Office. These include showing they can support themselves and the dependents financially and having enough funds available to pay for their visa application.

Applicants must also meet the prevailing family immigration rules and the UK's requirements for entry into the country.

Finally, applicants must submit the completed application form, required documents and the application fee. Once the visa has been granted the applicant will receive their visa sticker in the mail.

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