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Write me the explanation of the Global Talent Visa

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The Global Talent Visa is a points-based system visa that enables individuals with exceptional talent, skills or experience to live and work in the UK. Applicants must meet the standards outlined by the Home Office in order to be eligible. To make an application, the individual must demonstrate possession of a “special talent” or “exceptional promise” as defined by the government. If successful, they get a visa valid up up to five years and 14 days. They are normally allowed to work in any sector and can apply to extend their visa or settle in the UK permanently. They can also bring family members to live with them.

Applicants must score at least 70 points per Home Office criteria including showing evidence of having a “special talent” in the science, humanities, engineering, medicine, digital technology or the arts and be globally recognised by experts in their field. To meet the ‘exceptional promise’ criteria, applicants must also have a recognised record of excellence within their field and provide evidence of the same.

Documentation for the application could include proof of identity, proof of qualifications, sponsorship confirmation letter and a detailed statement of intent.

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